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FAQs about Alcoholic Liver Disease

FAQs about Alcoholic Liver Disease     What is alcoholic liver disease (ALD)? ALDis the development of liver damage as a result of heavy alcohol consumption. This damage may occur in three patterns: fatty liver (an abnormal accumulation of fat in the structural cells of the liver), alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation of the liver caused by…

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Alcoholic liver disease is more aggressive than other chronic liver diseases

ALD is Aggressive 24-Aug-2010 While diagnostic and treatment options for chronic liver disease are numerous, their effectiveness is unclear. New findings show that patients hospitalized with alcoholic liver disease have an increased mortality risk compared to patients with non-alcoholic liver disease. This indicates that alcoholic liver disease is more aggressive than other chronic liver diseases.…

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Alcoholic Liver Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis and Treatment Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is a serious and potentially fatal consequence of alcohol use. The diagnosis of ALD is based on drinking history, physical signs and symptoms, and laboratory tests. Treatment strategies for ALD include lifestyle changes to reduce alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and obesity; nutrition therapy; and pharmacological therapy. The diagnosis…

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