The Honeymoon is over!


Well and truly over!

I was pretty sure that my reaction to treatment was going to get worse and my word, it just did that!

(Slight moaning section but please allow me some leeway!)

Friday morning, throat like a furnace, tongue swollen up both sides and difficulty speaking. I was sort of expecting this to happen at some point and it seems that point is…….now!

Radiation treatment and what followed seems also to be the norm. Nausea and vomiting. I had got some extra anti-nausea meds from the doc but nothing was going to stop this upchuck from being chucked up!

Terrible pain also. It seems my body has had enough by Friday and it simply cannot take anymore of the radioactive stuff.

Friday night was fairly awful but I did get some sleep.

Saturday and the pain had ramped up more. I was supposed to take pain meds every 8 hours but has already started clawing that back to 7 and then 6.5…..The pain meds do work if allowed an hour to kick in, 2 hours effective and then the downhill slope back to misery.

Anyway, my good Doctor calls me!!!!!! What a man!!! I explained what was going on and he advised me to reduce pain med time to 4 hours and come Monday will write a more powerful prescription. Also he advised me to fill-in with Tylenol liquid in between.

He is also going to write me a prescription for Magic Mouthwash, a concoction for gargling with which is really effective against mouth sores and cankers.

Hopefully come Monday I will be better able to cope with the pain anyway, the nausea…..who knows?

Eating is out of the question. I’m not using my ‘Peg’ tube but am consuming Boost Plus and some wonderful Icelandic yoggies called Sigi’s that Linda found in our supermarket. I’m also drinking soup and this combined should give me what I need to survive. I Can’t afford to lose much weight and I’m very conscious of the dangers of not getting enough nutrition.

Even though not much has been going in, not much has been coming out either!!!! Yep, constipation as well, just to add to the mix. 🙂

So, the honeymoon is well and truly over. I think that what is happening to me now is the pattern up to the end of treatment and probably up to 3 weeks or so afterwards. It is going to be a long haul and very tough to get through.

But get through we must!

Although the last two days have been a bit of a downer, the human body quickly adapts to even the shittiest of circumstances and given a few days I’ll feel a lot more upbeat.

to be continued