Cold, Wet and Nasty

cold, wet and nasty

A moany post!

Cold, Wet and Nasty

A cold, wet and nasty miserable day today! Cold, wet, damp, gloomy….if you imagine we live in a sun-drenched paradise then please come and visit North West Florida in January. It can be just as downright unpleasant as anywhere I know….

That said it is supposed to be up in the 20s (70s) next week with:

Monday - Increasing clouds

Tuesday - Cloudy

Wednesday - Drenching afternoon t-storms

Thursday - Cloudy, chance for heavy rain.

I won’t go on…. 🙂

It’s not all bad. When the temperature gets into the 20s (70s) with some sun it is really nice and pleasant. But we have been in a spell of crap weather and it is not going away!

Anyway enough of that.

We had a wonderful day yesterday - people around here are so friendly and supportive.

We needed a new battery for our little Miata (MX5) and one of the guys down at Autozone was a joy to talk to as he fitted the new battery.

Later on, my friend Susanna (photographer) seeing that I hadn’t been doing any photos for a while, got in touch and wanted to go shooting some pics, so we are going to go and have a day shooting some pics next week!

Still later on I get a text from Ankit, he runs the local Indian Restaurant. He asked how I was and offered free food for Linda and myself along with Personal Healthy Soup! My oncologist also uses his restaurant….

Today we went to see Bay Cares in Panama City. We met with Tracey, the office manager and she went though a bunch of stuff with us. They have doctors who work with them at pro bono rates for those with no insurance/low income. I did think they could help us with Medicaid but that isn’t he case so on Monday, were going into the Medicaid office to see if we qualify.

Did I mention the weather? Bloody awful….

<Moan Time>….

When all this started way back in November I was feeling awful. That is why I went to the doc. The left side of my head was all going wrong. Throat pain, constant headache, constant nasal drip, severe ear aches and generally feeling unwell.

I’m afraid things haven’t got any better. Today I still have throat pain (worse), ear aches (worse) headaches (worse) and feeling terribly tired. Very little appetite. The other night I threw up everything back to last weeks lunch - not sure what brought that on.

I live on Ibuprofen and occasional Tramadol.

So, after 3 months of this I will be glad to have this over with. I know it is trivial compared to what many go through but it still isn’t much fun. I hate feeling ill.

</Moan Time>

Anyone who knows HTML will get it….. 😉

And so it is the weekend. Back in the saddle tomorrow to get on with some website work and that will keep me busy and focussed.

Linda works Saturdays and Sundays - she is off Mondays and Tuesdays - so there is little to do except get on with some work.

Sorry for the boring post but I’m feeling tired and it has been a very stressy week for both of us.

I’m sure next week will be better and we will be all giggly and smiley! 🙂

to be continued


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  1. teresa dossett on February 1, 2020 at 9:46 am

    Was writing a long message but erased it. actually just gonna let you know we are still here with you and for you. always in our thoughts! So sorry about all your pain and sickness. Great that you have supportive friends nearby. Love to both of you.

    • craig on February 1, 2020 at 9:47 am

      Thanks you guys! I do appreciate your support 🙂

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