Going Nuclear!

going nuclear

A few words before we start

going nuclear

Today was PET scan day. After a less than wonderful sleep I mosied up to the Hope Radiation Cancer Center in Lynn Haven…..at least I mosied up to where the GPS thought the Hope Center was and being astute enough to realize the hurricane damaged buildings probably weren’t what I was looking for, set off in search of the real place.

Paid my admission fee ($1200) and waited for Corey, the tech guy who was going to scan me.

In the restroom they had posters for Faith and Hope on the walls, but tellingly, no Charity!

A shot in the arm with a nuclear device, a half an hour relax in a lazy boy then went through to the machine. Corey lay me down and trussed me up ‘like a Burrito’ to stop my arms flapping and then it was headfirst into the microwave oven or whatever it is.

It is quite claustrophobic when the machine covers my head but then it did its thing and I suppose after half an hour or forty minutes I was cooked apparently….

On leaving the room Corey asked if I wanted to be put out of my misery and assuming he wasn’t going to shoot me, showed me the scan results.

Three black blobs….bladder being one….heart being another and then my lump being the third. No sign anything in your lymph nodes he assured me, no sign of cancer anywhere else either. He did stress he isn’t a doc and not to take his word 100% but I guess he sees a lot of these things so I’m inclined to believe him.

What a huge load lifted from me. OK I have cancer but given the amount of time since the original cat scan was done I was truly fearing that the cancer might have spread to my lymph nodes or lungs…and that would be a whole different world of hurt.

So now I wait for next week. I see a Doctor Murchett on Tuesday to discuss the scan results and then Dr Beggs on Wednesday morning to see where we go from here. Whatever the treatment is, it won't be much fun....

Lots of wonderful wishes from my family and friends on Facebook and I really appreciate them.

Forgetting myself for a moment, poor Linda is going through all this by my side and the toll and strain it puts on her is enormous. She is a trooper though, tough as they come and so level headed. I am so lucky to be with such a wonderful girl.


to be continued


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