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Healthcare tragedy

I know there is a lot of unhappiness with the state of the NHS in the UK and whilst I have some…actually not much..sympathy for those who complain, it is still an amazing service.

In the United States there is NO universal healthcare.

What does that mean?

It means that every individual has to pay for all of his/her healthcare.

Every doctors’ visit, every dentist visit, every prescription, every hospital stay, every vision test.


What’s more, it is very expensive.

The options are to pay cash or get insurance and the healthcare insurance situation is for many, completely unaffordable.

For those lucky to have a good job, employers subsidize healthcare insurance for their employees.

For example, a ‘Sarah’ who works as an IT person for Company X. Sarah pays $700/month towards her insurance but her company covers the rest every month.

Sarah’s insurance costs in total maybe $1200 per month depending on the plan.

Carrying on… Linda gets healthcare insurance through her work. It is worthless. It hardly covers any treatment and she has to pay out $10,000 (her deductible) before any insurance kicks in.

So does her insurance cover the full cost of any major health problems? No. After her deductible she may get 50% of her bill paid to a certain fixed limit…and then nothing.

So you mean her insurance doesn’t cover her full health costs? - That is correct.

If Linda pays the $300/month for her policy and gets ill she will still have to fund the first $10,000 before she can make a claim.

How many people around here have $10,000 lying around?

In fact Linda’s insurance isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

So what about those who don’t have employer’s help with insurance?

Then you’re on your own. Premiums can run to hundreds of dollars a month…every month and like Linda, you will still be stuck with a huge deductibles. Also you will still have to pay a copay for every doctors visit, every dentist visit…..

The only positive thing that has happened in recent years is that under the laughably called Affordable Heathcare Act, pre-exsting conditions were scrapped.

Having a pre-existing condition meant that insurance companies could refuse you coverage.

As an aside, under the Affordable Healthcare Act, known as Obama Care, premiums actually went up, not down as promised.

This act has now been replaced by......basically what was there before.

So, as an uninsured individual you are not alone. Many, many people go without insurance. Though not by choice. Even most middle class people cannot afford insurance. There are some government schemes to help. Medicaid is available to those who have little income. Medicare is available to those who are over 65. These are the only safety nets.

For myself, uninsured, we earn over the threshold to get Medicaid and because I am not a US Citizen I have no access to Medicare until I am 65.

Being uninsured can be difficult. A few years ago I had a burst appendix and spent five days in hospital. The bill was $60,000

Because I was self-pay, the hospital cut the bill to $39,000 and after some negotiation they dropped the amount to $20,000 and agreed on me paying $100/month. I will be paying this off until I die.

The whole healthcare insurance business is a scam. The only people who profit are the insurance companies. Those who treat people charge exorbitant fees as the Insurance company is paying and the Insurance company passes on those fees in terms of higher premiums.

The only loser in this is the person wanting healthcare.

It is ironic when the nurse drawing blood for my blood tests admits to me she cannot afford insurance. The last set of blood labs I had cost over $300.

Where we live in Panama City Beach the wages are very low. Around here the average wage is $10-$11 per hour. How can anyone afford to live and pay health insurance?

In the UK, if you get hurt you can summon an ambulance. Here in the US, if you get hurt you can also summon an ambulance but will also get a $1000 bill for your ride to the hospital.

The biggest reason for personal bankruptcy in the US is medical bills.

The toll that healthcare takes on people from an emotional, stress, worry and financial point of view is immense.

So, my message to my UK friends is, love your NHS and be glad you have it because although the US may have the best health care facilities and medicines the price we pay is beyond most of us.

to be continued



  1. Fiona Cameron on January 22, 2020 at 7:59 am

    Again , so well written.
    Thank God for our NHS !!!

  2. teresa dossett on January 22, 2020 at 4:27 pm

    All of that is sooo very true !!

  3. Linda Merrill on January 23, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Please enlighten me. I am under the impression that places suck as the UK and Canada have universal health care but it is sub standard and you have to wait a long time for care. Is this true? Also, isn’t a person taxed highly to get this insurance? Just asking, I am not being political.

    • craig on January 23, 2020 at 8:46 pm

      I can’t speak for Canada but I believe the NHS in the UK provides an excellent level of care.Yes, there are waiting lists but if you need urgent care you will get it. There is no insurance though you can opt to pay for private healthcare if you chose. Healthcare is a right for every citizen who is resident in the UK. The NHS is funded through social security contributions and I can’t remember how much these are per month but they are trivial amounts compared to the cost of insurance in the US. Furthermore, healthcare covers full treatment, more than can be said in the US. There are no co-pays, no deductibles and only a nominal payment for some prescriptions. I am going to write a further blog on why universal healthcare is not used in the US even though it would be cheaper for everyone if it did.

  4. Ginny on March 5, 2020 at 4:50 am

    Dear Craig . Out of every piece of information I have looked into for my cancer your blog has been the absolute best thing I have found . I I have base of tongue cancer staging as yet unknown , lymph involvement I think scan and biopsy next week . I am experiencing every anxious symptom as you are , it awful & out of my control . The only difference is I’m in the UK and have our brilliant NHS looking after me . I cannot believe some of the stories I’m reading about the health care system in the USA it’s heartbreaking some of the post I read . This time last year my husband had vocal Chord cancer ; what are the chances ) and he is doing very well after his treatment, he is a diabetic type 1 didn’t have a tube and lost just over a stone in weight . He didn’t have any chemo just the radio and he was stage 1 . I have been told that my stage will be higher and I will have chemo alongside radio. I have the dentist next week ! 😳 . Thank you Craig for you insight I will follow you with gusto as we will be together through this … hugs Ginny x Excuse any typos I find concentration hard and my eyes sting for some reason. , probably another stress reaction ! X

    • craig on March 5, 2020 at 8:04 am

      Ginny, I am so glad you find this blog useful, and thank you for letting me know. Seems we are in the same boat albeit an ocean apart. I am British by the way, but have lived in the USA for twenty years. You words inspire me to keep writing, however hard it is at times. Let us hope we both survive this! Craig xxx

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